"The Coffee That Takes You Back, While Gets You Going..."

Thank you for visiting Golden Era Coffee!!

Delicious organic coffee is the medium, but urban nostalgia is the experience. 


Why Golden Era Coffee?

  • 100% Premium Arabica beans
  • Never blended or cut with lower quality robusta bean crops
  • Our coffee comes from a single-origin and not just another "blend"
  • It's Organic and Fair Trade (OFT) which means it's better for you and the cooperative groups of coffee growers.
  • The green coffee beans are time and temperature roasted to perfection to create just the right Light or Dark roast.
  • Finally, it's sold to you, the Urban Adult always on your "grind"!

Not All Coffee is Created Equal!!

Very few companies certify their product in all three categories. Our TRIFECTA signature coffee is certified Colombian, Organic, and Fair-Trade. It's certified 100% Colombian by the FNC (National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia); 100% Organic by the USDA National Organic Program; and 100% Fair-Trade by Fair Trade USA!!

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