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Met Foodmarkets
84-05 Parsons Blvd Jamaica, NY
102-21 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY

Fresh Meadows Natural
69-74 188st
Fresh Meadows, NY

Associated Supermarkets
116-15 Metropolitan
Kew Gardens
89-61 Francis Lewis Blvd
Queens Village, NY

Queens Health Emporium
159-01 Horace Harding
Fresh Meadows, NY

Fresh Value
95-07 63rd DR
Rego Park, NY

Jin's Big Apple
60-07 Roosevelt ave
Woodside, NY

Vitality & Health Natural Market
46-03 Broadway
Astoria, NY

Health Food Natural
83-06 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY

Downtown Natural Market
1701 Church Ave
Flatbush, NY

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Why Golden Era Coffee? 
  • 100% Premium Arabica beans
  • Never blended or cut with lower quality robusta bean crops
  • Our coffee comes from a single-origin and not just another "blend"
  • It's Organic and Fair Trade (OFT) which means it's better for you and the cooperative groups of coffee growers.
  • The green coffee beans are time and temperature roasted to perfection to create just the right Light or Dark roast.
  • Finally, it's sold to you, the Urban Adult always on your "grind"!

Very few companies certify their product in all three categories. Our TRIFECTA signature coffee is certified Colombian, Organic, and Fair-Trade. It's certified 100% Colombian by the FNC (National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia); 100% Organic by the USDA NOP; and 100% Fair-Trade by Fair Trade USA!!
(Learn More about each certifier @ links below)

We are currently offering two roasts.  
A Light Roast and Dark Roast.

Light Roast:
TRIFECTA Colombian Organic and Fair Trade:

Roast : Light
Body: Balanced
Acidity: Low

This version of the ever popular Colombian bean is roasted as a Light Roast to bring out the inherent sweetness and aroma in this popular bean. The large beans create a medium bodied coffee with a rich flavor and delightful aroma.

The Light Roast gives it a light cinnamon coloration.

Dark Roast:
TRIFECTA Colombian Organic Fair Trade French Roast:

Roast : Dark
Body: Balanced
Acidity: Medium

This Coffee has a full, robust body accenting the inherent sweet quality of the Colombian bean. These large beans create a fabulosly dark rich flavor and tantalizing aroma.  In all, this is a well balanced dark roasted coffee, only slightly more bitter than the city roast version. Our Colombian coffee beans roasted to the French Roast level. These large beans create a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee with a rich flavor and aroma. In all, this is an incredibly well balanced dark roast coffee, only slightly more bitter then its light roasted version.

Coming soon:
Vanilla Cinnamon Swirl 

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